Treatment and Services

Waukegan Medical and Rehabilitation Offers Work Conditioning/Work Hardening Pain Management and Physical Medicine Services

Our Waukegan chiropractor offers auto accident injury and work place injury treatment as well as pain management for other musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Back pain, neck pain, headaches and tissue damage can be the result of lingering injuries or undetected sources of
pain. At our clinic, we combine chiropractic care with massage and corrective exercise such as yoga to help strengthen muscles and aid in healing.

For patients seeking a rehabilitation plan following an injury which may have required surgery or more invasive care, our medical team provides work conditioning/work hardening programs focused on reaching the necessary health goals the patient needs to return to work. Waukegan Medical and Rehabilitation implements the latest techniques, physical medicine and physical therapy methods. Our Waukegan chiropractor offers many treatment and rehabilitation options for pain management and injury care including auto accident injury and work injury treatment.

Physical Medicine and Work Conditioning/Work Hardening Rehabilitation Creates a Successful Treatment Program

Our treatment techniques include KLaser therapy, Arthrostim, Cox Technique and Graston Technique. A K-Laser is a 10-watt laser powerful enough to penetrate 5 centimeters, which is deep enough to treat joints and discs. K-Laser therapy has been proven to effective for work injury treatment, chronic tendonitis, muscle and joint injuries. The Arthrostim is an instrument that “taps” misaligned vertebrae into alignment. It gently releases compressed nerves to ensure proper spinal alignment. The Cox Technique is a spinal manipulation that relieves lower back pain, neck pain, arm and leg pain as well as other spinal related conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, post-surgical back pain and pregnancy back pain. The Graston Technique is a soft tissue therapy that eliminates chronic adhesions and scar tissue and it is faster than any other chiropractic technique.

Physical medicine treatments available in our clinic include trigger point injections, joint injections and a digital x-ray facility. Trigger Point Injections are injections of local anesthesia that are used to treat muscle pain. It is typically used to alleviate chronic pain in the tissue around the muscles. TPI is effective for scoliosis and fibromyalgia patients and for treating tension headaches and disc herniation. Joint injections are often used for knee pain and pain due to osteoarthritis or other joint diseases. These injections offer temporary pain relief for many patients. Digital x-rays can help our Waukegan chiropractor pinpoint the cause of your pain whether it is nerve, muscular or tissue pain so that he can determine the best method of treatment.

Additionally, our work conditioning/work hardening individualized plans are designed for: improved strength and conditioning, an increase in flexibility and endurance and a restoration of a patient’s former ability to meet on-the-job demands that have been limited due to injury. The rehabilitation process typically lasts between two and six weeks depending on the patient’s progress and the physical demands of their job.

If you live in the Waukegan community and you are seeking traditional medicine treatment alternatives for work injury treatment, auto accident injury or other types of musculoskeletal pain then call our office today for a full examination and consultation. Let our medical team help you on your journey to becoming pain-free.