Waukegan Medical and Rehabilitation Treatment Provides Care for Injuries and Pain

Waukegan ChiropracticAt Waukegan Medical and Rehabilitation, Waukegan chiropractor Dr. Ivan Bracic incorporates chiropractic treatments and physical medicine into the care provided to treat patients suffering from an auto accident injury, work place injury or other painful conditions. Many patients experience pain relief following a medical plan which has been tailored to each individual's specific wellness needs.

Regular chiropractic care from Dr. Bracic allows the body to reset itself, removing pain and letting people live a healthier life. With a chiropractor, physical therapist and registered nurse on staff, our team is able to provide patients a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance their health and wellness.

Work Place Injury and Auto Accident Injury Treatment Incorporates Physical Medicine Into Care

Our Waukegan chiropractor uses high-quality, techniques to treat patients suffering from an auto accident injury as well as to provide work place injury treatment. Dr. Bracic uses both manual and instrument-based adjusting techniques, such as the ArthroStim. He also uses the Cox technique as part of physical therapy during work place injury treatment along with K laser therapy and the Graston Technique. The Graston Technique is a tool-based method that allows our Waukegan chiropractor to diagnose and treat problems in the muscles and connective tissue.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Waukegan

Our clinic implements physical medicine for auto accident injury and treatment of other injuries. Often times, patients seeking physical medicine require work conditioning/work hardening rehabilitation programs, which are designed to build up a patient's strength, flexibility and endurance so that they can return to work and perform at their top capabilities. Physical medicine is also beneficial for patients suffering from conditions, such as scoliosis, herniated discs and fibromyalgia, which cause chronic, widespread pain. Our physician and staff provides treatments, such as trigger point injections and joint injections, to allow patients to rehabilitate from injuries. A trigger point injection is inserted into a knot of muscle tissue, encouraging the muscle to relax.

By combining the different aspects of physical therapy with the benefits of physical medicine, our clinic is able to provide a well-rounded care plan for patients who wish to increase their mobility and strength, improve their flexibility and diminish pain. By designing programs that work with each patient's individual rehabilitation progress, it results in more optimal health results overall.

To better serve the surrounding community of North Chicago, Park City, Beach ParkZion, Round Lake, and Gurnee, IL, everyone working in our office is bilingual, able to speak both Spanish and English. Give our office a call today if you are looking for a full service chiropractic and rehabilitation center to meet all your healing needs.